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Edward, may ipinagbabawal na ba kay Maymay? (and other confessions)

Edward, may mga rebelasyong magpapakilig at magpapasaya sa #MayWard heart mo!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

4/10/2018 in News
Edward, may ipinagbabawal na ba kay Maymay? (and other confessions)

One of the best things that happened last Sunday, April 8, was "#ASAPAskEdward".

Despite missing Maymay Entrata's bubbly presence on "ASAP Chillout," Edward Barber made sure to make their fans happy with his SEVEN "kilig" revelations.

The Kapamilya actor gamely answered questions from the netizens and here, we've run down the sweetest answers he gave that made our #MayWard hearts happy.

1. Without mentioning any name, fans were quick to gather evidence about who's that girl he "rapped" for.

Question: What's the craziest thing you've ever done for a girl?
Edward: rapped.

Here's a piece of their evidence:



Wala nang kokontra!



2. When he can't choose between two of his favorites.

Question: Star Wars or Maymay?
Edward: StarMay.

3. The last text he sent to Maymay shows much he cares for her.

Question: What was the last text you sent to Maymay?
Edward: "Tara na. Late na tayo. :) :) :)"

4. Kung may #AlagangFord, syempre may #EdwardTheProtector rin. ❤

Question: Is it okay with you if Maymay wears one-piece or two-piece if she'll ever go to the beach? Will you allow her?
Edward: I wouldn't be too happy but she's her own woman! She can make her own choices but I don't approve rude comments about her or others either. Respect everyone and everyone will respect you.


Question: If you will be given a chance to choose any girl as your love team, will you change Maymay?
Edward: Wouldn't change a thing.

6. Silence means NO!

Question: Can I court Maymay?
Edward: ...

7. Last but definitely not the least, the tweet dedicated to their fans...

Question: How much do you treasure us MayWard fans? We are not solidly yours nor for MM. We are solid for the both of you.
Edward: It's always hard putting yourself in the spotlight and letting people judge you. But when I see you guys cheering me on, that always pushes me to push myself harder everyday. Thank you. Really.

Ano, kaya pa ba ng mga puso niyo? ❤❤❤

Catch more of MayWard's "pakilig" in the upcoming horror-comedy film "DOTGA: Da One That Ghost Away" starring Kim Chiu, Ryan Bang, Lassy Marquez, Moi Bien, and Pepe Herrera.

The film, directed by Tony Y. Reyes, will be out in cinemas starting April 18!