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Does K-pop star Nancy think she looks like Liza?

Nancy, members of K-pop group Momoland weigh in on Liza’s beauty and her other "look-alike”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/10/2018 in News
Does K-pop star Nancy think she looks like Liza?

We’ve seen a handful of comparisons between Liza Soberano and Momoland member Nancy. Their smile, hair, lips, even the nose, and people have had a lot to say about it. 

Some agree and some don’t. Last Friday, April 6, we finally got one of the only two opinions that really matters on this situation and that’s Nancy’s. 

In a video posted on a Facebook page dedicated to the K-pop star, she was shown photos of the Kapamilya actress by her fellow Momoland members Ahin and Daisy, and together, they all weighed in on Liza’s beauty and if they actually look alike.

"She's an actress and she is beautiful!" said Daisy before looking through Liza’s photos on Google. 

Ahin added, "I saw a lot of comments that say you look like her."

Speaking up for the first time, Nancy shared, "I heard from someone that I look like an Asian Liza Soberano." 

Then Daisy told her, "Liza Soberano IS Asian. She is seeing her pictures for the first time now. You'll actually be surprised, she looks a lot like you.” And when they finally put up the page with all of Liza’s pics, she asked, “Do you see the resemblance?" 

It was followed by a lot of gasps from the girls and a couple of “wows”. 

"She really looks like you! She's so pretty,” said Ahin. 

Nancy didn’t say if she agrees, but she did say that the "Darna" actress looks like a certain worldwide superstar and international chart-topper. 

"She kinda looks like Ariana Grande,” said Nancy. 

Watch their conversation here: 

Momoland is the girl group behind the hit “Bboom Bboom”. They were formed through a reality show called “Finding Momoland” in 2016.