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KC, handa nang magbalik-showbiz?

What would it take for KC to come back to showbiz? FIND OUT HERE.

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

3/9/2018 in News
KC, handa nang magbalik-showbiz?
Is KC Concepcion ready to make a showbiz comeback?
The actress, who now keeps busy with her jewelry and retail businesses, as well as various philanthropic efforts as an ambassador for the United Nations, spoke recently to ABS-CBN News about the possibility of reviving her career as an actress.
She told Marie Lozano, "I don't take anything for granted, but I think I've really started to change as a person. I've grown up as a woman and there are just things that I feel I've done already before."
According to KC, it would take a very special project to convince her to return to the spotlight. 
"I can't be doing the same kind of role over and over. We'll see. It's also not just the project. It's also about the scene and how people get so involved about everything. I love that," she explained. 
"Maybe there's a right time and a right project for it."
KC's last film under Star Cinema was 2011's "Forever and a Day" with Sam Milby.