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KC, Aly give each other 'space'

KC, nagsalita na sa diumano'y hiwalayan nila ni Aly

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

3/8/2018 in News
KC, Aly give each other 'space'
KC Concepcion has spoken about her rumored split from boyfriend, former Azkals team captain Aly Borromeo.
In an interview with ABS-CBN News’ Marie Lozano, KC shared that she's been giving him "space", and that he's doing the same with her, as they take the time to focus on their careers and individual passions. 
She said, “Right now, ever since the -ber months, it’s just been really crazy with soccer, with football, and his career, and then I am also launching a jewelry line and I also have all these things happening. It’s almost like we are two independent people that are choosing to just prioritize right now. I think when the right time comes, then we can really prioritize the relationship.”
She continued, "The good thing with Aly is that it doesn’t really get so dramatic. His mental space, his mind is really with sports and his career right now. I know that he needs that to be able to be a really good partner to have. You have to feel complete on your own to be able to be complete in a relationship."
Driving the point home, KC wrote this for Aly in a telling Instagram post made today, March 8:
"If the stars choose to align us together again in the future, then why not? Who knows what will happen then."

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She continued, "Timing is everything. As for me, I’ve decided to fully support him at the same time move on and spread my wings."
KC and Aly dated for two years.