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5 stages of moving on, inspired by Donna Cariaga

How to move on from #Tulala to #Kinaya

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/8/2018 in News
5 stages of moving on, inspired by Donna Cariaga
While "James" had captured Donna Cariaga's heart, she surely captured ours.
The 24-year-old comedienne did not only win the grand prize of the "It's Showtime" segment "Funny One," but also the endearment of viewers who related to her breakup story. Infused with witty "hugot" lines and remarkable jokes, she provided entertainment and inspiration especially on how she moved on from her "ex-boyfriend" who she only calls James.
Heartbreak is surely a handful, but Donna was able to overcome it. How, exactly? We compiled some of Donna's awesome performances and weaved them into these five stages of moving on.
1. #Tulala
“Uy! Grabe! Masaya ako ngayong araw pero gusto kong malaman ninyo nanggaling kasi ako sa isang matinding breakup,” Donna started her skit. Yet, she broke down after hearing her and James’ iconic theme song, "Right Here Waiting."
2. #Wasak
Donna once again made viewers laugh when she hit them with her unending humorous entries. Like what other people do when they're heartbroken, she tried drinking and entertaining herself, proving how difficult the aftermath of a breakup is.
3. #WagAko
Finally, after the worst, Donna leaped from crying phase to moving on phase. She started to resist text messages from James saying, “Wag ako!” Even when James asked her to build their relationship once again, she refused!
4.  #Laban
Donna to James: “I can tiis you already.”
5. #Kinaya
In her winning performance, Donna showed that she has indeed finally moved on. Fortunately, she and James had proper closure. She did not only fix her broken heart, but she also went home with one million pesos! What a great way to begin again!