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Claudia Barretto, ipinakilala na ang bunsong kapatid!

Here’s what you should know about the Barrettos' youngest sister!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/7/2018 in News
Claudia Barretto, ipinakilala na ang bunsong kapatid!
Claudia Barretto has spoken about her youngest sister, who went viral after siblings Julia, Dani, and Leon shared photos of her on their social media accounts.
In a report by PEP today, March 7, the singer related that it was never really a “secret” that they had a younger sister. They only wanted to protect her while she’s young.
“I think, legally, it’s safer to keep some things private, and she’s a baby,” she said. “What if she wants to grow up as a private individual?”

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Claudia did not disclose who their sister’s father is, but she maintained that their “reveal” isn’t a big deal at all - they’re just showing their love for their youngest sister.
“I don’t want people to blow it out of proportion because it’s a very sincere thing, the love we have for our family, not just her,  the rest of my siblings,” she said, adding that there shouldn’t be any controversy surrounding it. 
“Anyone who tries to twist, that is really the person who is negative and who’s just trying to bring out bad things out of something that’s good,” she said.
And because their five-year-old sister also has the trademark Barretto looks, Claudia was asked if they’ll allow her to join showbiz.
“We don’t know what future she wants for herself… but she’s very talented. [We’ll see],” she said.