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Beauty, pinatulan ang isang body-shamer!

Bakit nga ba laging nakabikini si Beauty sa kanyang mga posts?

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

3/7/2018 in News
Beauty, pinatulan ang isang body-shamer!
It's really hard to live in our world full of judgement and hatred.
Beauty Gonzalez is not to be weighed down by negativities online because recently, she stood her ground against a basher who body-shamed her.
If you scroll through the Kapamilya actress' Instagram account (@beauty_gonzalez), you'd see most of her photos are in bikinis because aside from being a beach lover, she also has lingerie endorsements.
However, there are really some "NEGAtizens (negative netizens)" whose favorite hobby is bashing, especially celebrities.
Just like this netizen who criticized Beauty in one of her posts.

Beauty lashed back, but did so with positivity.

As of writing, the NEGATizen's comment has been deleted.