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Angel: 'Stop the girl-on-girl crime!'

Why Angel Locsin is the feminist icon we need!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/7/2018 in News
Angel: 'Stop the girl-on-girl crime!'
Angel Locsin has once again used her voice to empower women everywhere.
The award-winning actress shared in a tweet yesterday, March 6, that women should stop bringing each other down and instead support one another.
“As women, we need to stick together to empower us collectively. I vote we stop the girl-on-girl crime!” she wrote.
The tweet came after Angel went viral for rejecting a sexy audition from the group Play Girls on “Pilipinas Got Talent.” However, the actress explained that she rejected the audition because couldn’t stand her fellow women being objectified on TV.
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Angel also tweeted that she never “shamed” the Play Girls for being sexy - she was only looking out for them.
You really are our feminist queen, Angel!!!