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Milo Ventimiglia shows versatility in ‘Devil’s Gate’

Milo goes "out of character" in "Devil's Gate"

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/4/2018 in News
Milo Ventimiglia shows versatility in ‘Devil’s Gate’

Milo Ventimiglia's character in the suspense film "Devil's Gate" is a departure from the "lovable" roles he's had in the several television series he starred in.

He's best known for his parts in the American series "This Is Us," "Heroes," and "Gilmore Girls." The viewers, more often than not, rooted for character's side, but "Devil's Gate" is a complete turnaround.

In an interview with Beyond the Curtain last year, Milo said:

"'Devil’s Gate,' oh well totally, totally different. It’s not [like my role] in 'This is Us.' It's on the other side of the spectrum."

In "Devil's Gate," Milo displays a questionable behavior that greatly puts him as the number one culprit of an ongoing police case.

Devil's Gate is the name of the town where a woman and her son disappeared mysteriously. To solve the case, FBI agent Daria Francis (Amanda Schull), searches for the main suspect -- the husband and father of the missing -- Jackson Pritchard (Milo). As Francis' team investigates the house, they find an even bigger case waiting for them.

Watch the full trailer here:

“Devil’s Gate” opens in cinemas March 7.