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Stars, scares, screams make ‘Devil’s Gate’ a must-watch!

We dare you to handle the horror in “Devil's Gate”

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/3/2018 in News
Stars, scares, screams make ‘Devil’s Gate’ a must-watch!

Are you brave enough to enter the eerie, haunted place of Devil's Gate?

A film by Clay Staub, "Devil's Gate" builds up suspense, takes you by surprise, and leaves you in awe of its masterful execution. 

And don't ever think that it's your typical run-of-the-mill jump scare movie. Staub made sure that your minds will flip!

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"Devil's Gate" also features a stellar cast.

"This Is Us" lead actor Milo Ventimiglia is the patriarch of the movie, in a role that's different from what he usually does in his television series.

Along with Milo are "X-Men: Days of Future Past" actor Shawn Ashmore and "Suits" actress Amanda Schull.

Devil's Gate is the name of the town where a woman and her son disappeared mysteriously. To solve the case, FBI agent Daria Francis (Amanda), searches for the main suspect -- the husband and father of the missing -- Jackson Pritchard (Milo). As Francis' team investigates the house, they find an even bigger case waiting for them. 

The BIGGEST mystery here is -- what kind of monster lurks in their town? Is this really a case that the FBI can solve?

Catch "Devil's Gate" this March 7 in cinemas!

Watch the full trailer here: