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#LaLunaTheFinalBattle Scene of the Day: Tagumpay sa wakas!

Nanaig ang kabutihan sa huling laban! #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

3/3/2018 in News
#LaLunaTheFinalBattle Scene of the Day: Tagumpay sa wakas!
The final battle was upon them on last night’s (March 2) episode of “La Luna Sangre.”
Tristan (Daniel Padilla) went to speak with Sandrino (Richard Gutierrez), to try and convince him not to continue with his plans, but Evil Sandrino was in his place and attacked him on the spot. The two fought, flitting from place to place around the area with their vampire powers before landing inside an abandoned warehouse. Tristan pleaded with his brother to stop, to work things out a different way, but Evil Sandrino just wasn’t having it and did what Sandrino couldn’t do - he stabbed his brother right in the heart.


Malia (Kathryn Bernardo) arrived on the scene just as Tristan collapsed and attacked the vampire king with the fang of the very first wolf. This is our scene of the day! And here’s why:


  • The way she attacked him with her bare hands after the spear missed (OOOHH, maybe it was just a distraction)
  • How the spear flew back into Malia’s hand (Cool, it’s like Thor’s hammer! Or did her vampires do that? IDK LOL)
  • How she attacked Evil Sandrino using the spear (Sweet moves, Malia!)

  • The way Evil Sandrino mocked her, only for Malia to fight back even stronger (GO MALIA!!!)
  • How she knocked him down (WOOHOO!! *claps*)
  • How he got right back up and went to attack Tristan, but stabbed Malia instead when she ran to protect him (MALIAAAAAAAA! *cries*)


  • The way Tristan and Malia tried to reach for each other’s hands as they lay bloodied on the ground (omg it’s just like what Mateo [John Lloyd Cruz] and Lia [Angel Locsin] did when they died </3 *sobs*)

  • How Evil Sandrino hoisted them up by their necks, one in each hand (WHYYYYY :(( )
  • How Malia started to scream in pain when their hands finally touched (ano ba ‘yan, may spark ba ulit?!)
  • The way Tristan told her not to let go (Why, what’s going on?!)
  • How power surged through both Malia and Tristan and they attacked Evil Sandrino at the same time (WOAH!)


  • The way Sandrino appeared beside Evil Sandrino when he collapsed, just as bloodied and injured as his counterpart (Huhu I kinda feel bad for Sandrino…)
  • How Sandrino thanked them for saving him from himself and told Tristan he loved him before he turned into ash and disappeared (Rest in peace, Sandrino :( )
So that’s it for the vampire king. :(
While Malia and Tristan were dealing with Sandrino, the LLU had to stop mind-controlled people from going into the sea or from jumping off of the building. Groups were holding off people from harming themselves while Jake (Tony Labrusca) ran to the tower that maintained Supremo’s link to all of them. He used a bomb to destroy the tower, thereby cutting off Supremo’s link to the mortals’ minds and freeing them.
And so, Malia and Tristan were able to live the peaceful life they’ve always wanted.
The end!
Thank you for tuning into “La Luna Sangre” every night these past nine months!