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Five things we don’t know about LizQuen!

Ano ang meron sa melon, Quen?

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

3/3/2018 in News
Five things we don’t know about LizQuen!

“Bagani” star Enrique Gil participated in the segment “5 in 45” on last night’s (March 2) episode of “Tonight With Boy Abunda.” 

However, the segment came with a twist as Boy revealed a video of his co-star and perennial leading lady Liza Soberano listing down five things about the actor in 45 seconds. 

“Number one, he has a phobia of blood - may it be human blood or animal blood, any kind of blood, he does not like it,” Liza started in the video. “Number two, he doesn’t like sour foods so that’s why he doesn’t like vinegar. He’s not into anything that’s really sour.” 

“Number three, he doesn’t like the fruit melon. I don’t know why he doesn’t like the fruit melon,” she continued with a laugh. “Number four, he’s very smart when it comes to marine biology. Number five, he wants to have a pet anaconda or python because he’s into snakes and reptiles.” 

When the King of Talk asked about the anaconda, Enrique answered, “Yeah, I’m scared ‘pag nandun na pero for some reason, I am so intrigued [by] it.” 

Because Liza revealed five things about Enrique, Boy asked that he do the same for her. 

After a moment of thought, the actor began to list what he knew: “Liza, she wants to have a pet monkey and a pet pig. That’s what she wants.” 

“She’s terrified of Barbie dolls,” he continued. “‘Pag may pinakita ka, takot ‘yun. Third, she cannot eat anything sweet. I mean ‘yung ‘pag ulam, kapag medyo sweet o may gata, ayaw niya. And she’s addicted to [a] mobile game.” 

Wow! How exciting! New information about our favorite stars! Thank you, Tito Boy! ;) 

Enrique and Liza lead the cast of the fantaserye “Bagani” which premieres this March 5 on Primetime Bida after “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”!