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THOUGHT PICKS: Take time to make sure your family’s doing okay

This Queen reminds us the importance of taking care of your family

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/29/2018 in News
THOUGHT PICKS: Take time to make sure your family’s doing okay

Every single person in this world is meant to spread their wings and fly towards their dreams. But as we go on with our lives and careers, we often forget to come back home and thank the people who’ve helped us become who we are.

Family is the one thing that remains constant in our lives, and while no one is exactly required to take care of them, it always feels nice to know you’re doing everything you can to keep them happy.

Miss Universe 2015 and now Star Cinema leading lady Pia Wurtzbach agrees. No matter how busy she gets jet-setting around the world for her numerous projects, she finds the time to check on her mom and sister.

“I’m very generous. Hindi ko iniisip ‘yung sarili ko,” she said on “Behind the Crown: Confessions with Pia Wurtzbach.” “Nagdadalawang isip ako to buy something for myself, but when it comes to family, buhos lahat. Minsan hindi ko na iniisip ‘yung sarili ko. Especially my mom, I give everything she asks for.”

The beauty queen-actress shared that it’s only a very small price to pay for all the support her mom gave her when she tried (and failed a lot of times) to achieve her dreams.

“Nung bata ako lagi kaming nanonood ng Miss Universe… parang ‘yun ‘yung goal niya for me. So sasabihin niya, lakad ka nga… what is the essence of a woman? 10 years old pa lang ako nun,” she shared. “Suporta siya kasi gusto niya talaga akong beauty queen.”

Pia further added that it’s not “uncool” to make sure your family is doing okay - it’s a sign that you’re humble enough to recognize how they helped you along the way.

“I show my love more of a provider kind of way, just to make sure she’s okay. ‘Ano’ng kailangan mo, okay ka lang ba, gusto mo bang magbakasyon, napapagod ka na ba?’ Ganun. Ako na ang bahala. More on service and making sure she’s okay,” she said.

Pia stars in the romantic comedy “My Perfect You” alongside Gerald Anderson. Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, it is now showing worldwide.