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Kilalanin ang mga 'babies' ng inyong fave celebrities!

These beautiful ladies are also fur parents!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/29/2018 in News
Kilalanin ang mga 'babies' ng inyong fave celebrities!

Having a pet is also like having a baby. You take care of it, nurture it, and most of all, you fall in love with it. Be it a dog or a cat, admit that we surrender ourselves to their cuteness almost every time!

Our favorite Kapamilya celebrities were not spared and have also fallen victims to the adorable charm of their paw friends. Take a look at this celebrity dog/cat mom list we made, and the stories of how these celebs met their "babies".


1. Bea Alonzo

Bea only had her first pet dog this year and it was a huge decision. She had a traumatic experience with a dog when she was younger, and since then, she feared them.

But when Bea received a cute little pupper last January, she got obsessed at how gentle it was! She named it Walter White. We are happy for Bea because Walter White has helped her overcome her childhood fear. <3



When i was 6 years old i was trapped inside a dog house. Yes, trapped. I was playing hide and seek with my cousins and i don't know what got into my head that i decided to hide inside a dog house.. I was attacked by the dog (who had just given birth and was disturbed by the naughty little girl 😓😩) That incident made me fear dogs for the past 24 years.. I still am scared actually but three days ago i got this cute little puppy from a nice guy 😇 and i swear i screamed the first time i saw the puppy! i think i scared the heck out of him! 🙈 But since my new year's resolution is to get over my fear of dogs, i just went for it and held him.. And he is the gentlest dog i have ever seen ❤️ Fell in love with him instantly.. Meet Walter White 🐶 You will be seeing a lot of him on my instagram😂 I am currently obssessed with him🙈 I can't wait to get on this journey with him for i have not experienced this kind of love before.. love for animals. i know i will learn a lot from this journey.. ❤️ #walterwhite

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2. Alexa Ilacad

Alexa took her fondness for pets to a whole new level as she celebrated her 18th birthday in an animal shelter last February. How admirable!

In spite of her love for pets, she never had one when she was younger. But now, she has her dog Blush who makes her really happy!


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3. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn has a solid bond with dogs. She has hosted a pet party in 2014 where everyone was free to bring their own dogs. She is also a member of CARA Welfare Philippines, an organization that advocates animal protection.

This is Snow, a white Bichon Frise, who seems like Kathryn's bed buddy! 



And this is Cloud, her Golden Retriever.

Last year, Kathryn got a new dog which she named Pablo! 



1. Arci Munoz

Sexy actress Arci has always expressed her love for cats on her social media pages.

In an Instagram post last May 2016, Arci shared that ever since she was a kid, she wanted to have two cats. Cut to present, Arci is proud to show her feline friends Artemis, Salem, and Kakashi. Notice how two of her cats have different colored eyes!



A post shared by Arci Munoz (@ramonathornes) on




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2. Coleen Garcia

"Sin Island" actress Coleen is actually both a dog and cat parent. But in this feature, we'd like to focus on her fascination for the unique Sphynx cat breed! 

Because her fiance Billy Crawford is allergic to cats, she had to send away the street cats she rescued. But Billy found a way to make things work -- he gave Coleen a hairless cat, a Sphynx, all the way from Russia! Coleen named her Anya.



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In a post last November, Coleen said that Anya and her other Sphynx cat Dimitri have became parents to three kittens. Lovely!



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3. Janella Salvador

Young actress-singer Janella also has a soft spot for cats. In an interview with "Tonight with Boy Abunda" last February, Janella and her on-screen partner Elmo Magalona shared their term of endearment for each other which involves... yep, cats!

Elmo said, "I know that she’s into cats, so while we were talking to each other, I just blurted it out. I called her Kitty."

Janella responded, "If you’re going to call me Kitty, I’m going to call you Meow, kasi Elmo, El-Meow."
Meet Janella's fur babies Hermes and Eye-moe (yes, named after Elmo)!





Do you have any celebrity pet lovers to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!


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