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HeLonz is stealing our hearts <3>

Fall in love with this young love team of Henz and Ylona!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

3/29/2018 in News
HeLonz is stealing our hearts <3

The love team of Ylona Garcia and Henz Villaraiz is fairly new, having been launched when they joined the cast of the morning show “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso,” but they’ve already stolen our hearts! <3 

Before the show began, the two went on a circuit of interviews together to promote their new tandem and they just oozed chemistry. 

Take this for example: 

Weren’t Ylona’s reactions to the “Pinoy Boyband Superstar” alumnus’ compliments just adorable? Kawaii~

Of course, we can’t ignore the birthday greeting Henz wrote for the “Pinoy Big Brother: 737” housemate for her sweet 16. 



A post shared by Henz 🐸 (@henzvillaraiz_) on


“HOWDY PARTNAH!! First off, sorry Tads but Cocoy don't smile 😐 (well ok you got me on the 2nd pic so good on yah) I just would like to say I feel happy just being in the same air with you,” he wrote in his caption. “It's an honor, privilege & a blessing being alongside a talented artist & an amazing person overall. Oh & special don't forget SPECIAL 🤘🏼 Happy You Day to you Ylonz have a good one mate, keep being you Tadhana 💛 #keeprockin 🎉” 

How sweet! <3 

Ylona also shared this super cute video of them on a taping day. 



Sundays w/ Cocoy 🌙 #sanadalawaangpuso bukas mga beshiecakes!!! . . . @henzvillaraiz_

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And just look at the photos from backstage at "ASAP": 



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Don’t they look awesome together?! 

But judging from this video, it doesn’t look like Robin Padilla, who plays Leo, older brother to Ylona’s character Tads, approves of this blooming relationship:



However, with how things are on the show right now, it may be a while before Ylona and Henz get to do any kilig-to-the-bones scenes. 

Their characters Tads, the responsible student with good grades and an exemplary record, and Cocoy, the resident bad boy who just doesn’t care, respectively, were introduced on the show as rivals, two students who from the onset just couldn’t get along. 

Of course, it probably didn’t help that they got on each other’s bad side right at their first meeting. 

Tads’ strong character prevents her from folding to Cocoy’s attempts at disrupting her life, leaving her to be the only girl in their school who can stand up to the bad boy. 

You have to admit though - these moments between them are just so full of tension that it makes you want more! 

And we sure got what we wanted when teachers forced Tads to apologize to Cocoy after she finally fought back, having had enough of his tricks and games. 

But their story’s only just beginning. Tads was recently assigned to tutor Cocoy, so it looks like there’s more fun to be had between them! 

It looks like a great start to the Ylona and Henz (HeLonz) love team!