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5 business lessons from Kapamilya stars

Starting a business? Learn from these celebs!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

3/29/2018 in News
5 business lessons from Kapamilya stars

Have you ever thought about starting a business?

Well, despite what many believe, you don’t need a degree in business management to become a good businessman. Sure, a degree definitely helps, but many have become successful entrepreneurs with just a lot of hard work, careful planning, determination, and a little luck on their side.

Just look at all the Kapamilya stars that have launched their businesses in the past few months - Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, Kathryn Bernardo, Liza Soberano to name a few. None have been professionally educated in the art of business, but they all started businesses all the same.

So why not a learn from their experiences? Here are a few lessons from our favorite celebrities’ business ventures:

1. Choose a business close to your heart

Many people advise this because it holds true - you always work harder when you love what you do.

Matteo Guidicelli, who opened his first restaurant (Trattoria da Gianni) back in 2016 in his hometown of Cebu City and his second (Da Gianni Cucina Italiana) just this year in Westgate Alabang, stressed this point in an episode of “Magandang Buhay.”

“‘Yung pinakaimportante [is that] ‘yung business mo, dapat malapit sa buhay mo. ‘Wag ‘yung business na sobrang malayo,” he said. “So ‘yung business ko is restaurant, ito ‘yung pagkain na kinakain namin sa bahay simula noong bata pa ‘ko so it’s very close to my heart.”

Liza Soberano also started her business, Hope Hand and Feet Wellness, because it’s a very important part of her life.

“One way I relax and uplift my spirit is by going to nail spas, which made me realize that no matter how different our individual lifestyles may be, we all turn to our daily routines; we turn to our rituals [that] give us hope,” she said in an interview with Preview.

"Wellness goes beyond what meets the eye,” she continued. “I personally wanted to go beyond beauty and delve into the core of what makes us the best version of our self and that is wellness.”

2. Give it everything you’ve got

When starting a business, you have to give it your all - time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears.

Just look at Vice Ganda and his makeup line, Vice Cosmetics. It took him and his team almost a year to prepare everything they needed to launch, but according to the comedian, the hardest part was finding time to meet with his partners.

“It gave me a bigger challenge, we would meet in the wee hours after I was done with the day’s shoots,” he said in a report by Entrepreneur.com.ph.

Anne Curtis also launched her own line of makeup, BLK Cosmetics, and stands as the company’s creative director. An interview with Preview revealed that she was involved in all aspects of the business, particularly in the creation of their products.

"I really poured my heart and soul into this beauty project," she said.

3. Work with people you trust

One doesn’t start a business on their own - an entrepreneur needs partners, investors, employees, etc. For a business to become a success, its foundation needs to be strong so it’s best that you work with people you trust wholeheartedly.

Sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga started their milk tea shop business, Happy Cup, together. They admitted in an episode of “Magandang Buhay” that they have many dream businesses they hope to open someday and they started with Happy Cup because they had friends who were open to collaborating with them.

In regards to the division of labor between the two sisters, Toni revealed that, “Ang pinaka-hands-on talaga dito, si Alex. Super hands-on niya - parang second life niya ‘to. Ito ‘yung isa sa talagang passion ni Alex.”

Alex confirmed this in an interview with PUSH, saying, “Dun ako sa sino ang tao ngayon, ano’ng kailangan. Ang ate, more on sa marketing, sa look,” she shared.

Matteo also entrusted his first restaurant to his family’s two cooks - Antonia and Jean.

“Nung lumipat ‘yung lolo at lola ko 30 years ago sa Pilipinas, mayroon silang dalawang yaya, si Jean at Antonia,” he shared in his episode of “Magandang Buhay.” “So 30 years na sila nasa bahay, marunong na sila mag-Italiano, marunong sila magluto ng Italiano, lahat. [Sila] ang may-ari [ng Trattoria da Gianni], so sila ‘yung nagra-run nung business, pati ‘yung kapatid kong si Georgia.”

4. Don’t be afraid to branch out

Most people stay in their comfort zones when going into business, venturing into sectors they’re familiar with so it’s easier to navigate. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to branch out, try new things.

This is exactly what friends John Prats, Angelica Panganiban, and Sam Milby did when they got together and formed Bright Bulb Productions. Their first job was producing Moira dela Torre’s music video for her hit song “Malaya.”

What started as friends producing a concert turned into a legitimate production company. A report by Rappler.com reveals the responsibilities of each partner - John directs the videos and events like concerts, Angelica comes up with the creative concepts, and Sam oversees the editing side and other technicalities.

And as all three are known for their work in front of the camera, it’s quite the change for them to be working behind-the-scenes with their company.

5. Spread the good fortune

Though many people open businesses to channel their passions into something productive or even gain a little extra income, others choose to do so to help others.

Kathryn Bernardo revealed in an interview with PEP that she opened her nail salon, KathNails by KCMB, as a gift to her mother Luzviminda “Min” Bernardo all the while incorporating her love of nail care into the business. In addition to that, the company has a program that teaches basic nail care, massage, and other skills needed in order to be hired by the nail salon for free.

A report from ABS-CBN Lifestyle stated that many of KathNails' nail technicians are actually fans of the young star who signed up to be trained professionals.

"Kath really wants to make a long-lasting difference in the lives of her fans, and by giving them jobs, she is able to do so," shared Ogie Rodriguez, Kathnails’ PR Manager.

Karla Estrada built her hair salon, Queen Mother Salon, because she loves pampering herself and looking good.

“Alam mo ‘yung paano nangyayari sa salon, na paglabas mo, maganda ka na? Naga-add ‘yan ng self-esteem,” she said on an episode of “Rated K.”

She also ventured into business on the idea that she can help women, particularly single mothers like herself, by presenting them with opportunities to hone their skills and start a living. She shared in an episode of “Tonight With Boy Abunda” that her salon has a franchising option called “Queen Mother Salon Express,” as an affordable way for momshies to get into business.

So, with these in mind, you think you’re ready to start your own business? Go for it!