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4 celebrity quotes that tug our heart

Let these stars give you something to think about

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/29/2018 in News
4 celebrity quotes that tug our heart

We all have our fair share of favorite quotes. Whether it be from our favorite authors, from movies we've watched, or it can also be from people we meet. These little nuggets of wisdom inspire us when we're feeling lost and down. 

We've compiled a list of celebrity quotes that can give us something to ponder on. So, when dark clouds seem to hover, let's remember these lines from some Kapamilya stars to keep us going!   

1. Kisses Delavin on keeping the faith

Kisses is like a walking sunshine. She's smart, she's approachable, and she also has a great outlook on life. On a Twitter post, she expressed that even if people may fail you, try to still do the right thing and let your spirituality give you peace.

"Starting today, choose to be kind. Choose to do the right thing. People may turn their backs on you, and it may cause pain in your heart, but there is no joy that will compare when you have peace of mind honoring God."



2. Lea Salonga on strength and perseverance 

Broadway star and "The Voice of the Philippines" coach Lea Salonga is always full of wisdom. In one of her tweets, she wrote:

"Sometimes you don't know your strength until you're pushed."



Let's take this piece of inspiration with us whenever we're met with seemingly unbearable challenges in life. 

3. Maris Racal on dealing with others' opinions

As young as she is, Maris has realized whose opinion really matters in her life. She's not only our favorite "kalog girl," she's also someone who can give really good practical advice.

On Twitter she wrote, "People will always have opinions. Good, bad, or too mean. That is because we all have minds. It all depends how little yours is."



4. Vice Ganda's gold message about love

Comedian-host Vice Ganda hit it right off the bat when he tweeted: 

"Every gender has the right to love someone. But no gender has the right to hurt anyone."

"Love is a feeling, and everyone deserves to experience it in the little lifetime that we're given. <3"



Got any more memorable quotes from your favorite celebrities? Share it with us in the comments!