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Scarlett Kramer noticed by iKON’s Bobby

Watch Bobby’s birthday greeting for Scarlett here!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/23/2018 in News
Scarlett Kramer noticed by iKON’s Bobby
Scarlett Kramer just had a super early birthday present!
Celebrating her seventh birthday this November, the child star was given her ultimate gift last night, March 22, when she was noticed by Bobby, member of her favorite K-Pop group iKON.
Her dad Doug uploaded a video on Facebook asking for help to reach Bobby, because a performance from him is all Scarlett really, really, REALLY wants… to the point that she cried for him!
“Bobby can you come to my birthday, please?” she pleaded.
And while Bobby didn’t exactly fly here to the Philippines for her, he sent a video wishing her a happy birthday!
“Hey Scarlett, this is Uncle Bobby! Happy birthday!” he said, and sang a few lines from 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.”

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Of course, Scarlett and her siblings Kendra and Gavin were ecstatic over the video, and couldn’t sleep after watching it!
Advance happy birthday, Scarlett!