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Jake dedicates new tattoo to late Dad

Daddy Pempengco, "parang nabuhay" kay Jake

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

3/23/2018 in News
Jake dedicates new tattoo to late Dad

Jake Zyrus is dedicating his latest tattoo to his father, Ricky Pempengco.

The tattoo, which reads "young Ricky", is located on the singer's right forearm. According to Jake, he got it inked last year after reconnecting with family from the Pempengco side. 

"For how many years, hindi ako naka-communicate with Pempengco family, side ng Dad ko. Last year lang na talagang nakumpleto kami, nagkaroon kami ng family reunion. Kaya pina-tattoo ko 'yung 'young Ricky' kasi since nawala si Daddy, noong nagkita-kita kami sabi nila kamukhang-kamukha ko daw," Jake told members of the press during his Star Music contract signing last night, March 22. 

He enthused, "'Yung Daddy ko, parang nabuhay daw."

In 2011, Jake's dad was stabbed to death at a grocery store in San Pedro, Laguna. 

Jake was formerly known as Charice Pempengco. He came out as transexual last 2017.