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6 funny tweets from the newest #AskVice

Vice’s fave love team, his secret to white kili-kili + more here!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/23/2018 in News
6 funny tweets from the newest #AskVice

Vice Ganda has always been the loud, happy comedian who brings smiles to our faces, but what happens if he can’t even open his mouth to crack jokes?

Well, it turns out he can still make us laugh just as hard even without speaking!

Last March 21, the unkabogable comedian had a Twitter party after being instructed to take a complete vocal rest, and we compiled the six funniest tweets he shared.

1. He shared the best way to settle debts

There’s no easy way to ask someone to pay back what they owe you, but according to Vice, the best thing to do is keep their family hostage until they pay you back.




2. He had the perfect life hack for picture-perfect kili-kili

We all dream of having flawlessly white armpits, and Vice has a fast and easy way to achieve them.



Again, don’t do this either, folks!

3. He revealed his favorite love team

Few people can beat the powerhouse love team of ShainaMo! (Shaina Magdayao and DJMo)



Let’s make this ship sail, guys! #ShainaMo is real!

4. He explained why it’s okay to make the first move

True enough, the only thing that’s NOT okay is when you’re the second one to make the first move. Life’s short so go and confess your love for your crush! 😉



5. He had the perfect reason why badminton is better than volleyball

Simple: because “shuttlecock is life!” 



6. Lastly, he revealed his favorite kind of hotdog

Nobody likes a limp and lazy hotdog. (Haha!) Just like Vice, we want our hotdogs BIBONG BIBO.



Bibo hotdog is the best! 😂

You really never fail to make us laugh, Vice!

Vice starred in the superhero comedy “The Revenger Squad” last year. Named the highest grossing Filipino movie of all time, he was joined by Daniel Padilla and Pia Wurtzbach.