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Wil opens up on 'one of his biggest advocacies'

Also, Wil voices opinion about proposed Boracay rehabilitation

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/21/2018 in News
Wil opens up on 'one of his biggest advocacies'
Filipino-American vlogger Wil Dasovich is completely back to his vlogging grind. After recently being cleared of colon cancer in the US, Wil is back in the Philippines to continue his career.
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In a report by "Bandila" last night, March 20, Wil said that he's actively vlogging again.
"I'm just working every single day. It's good to be back. The energy is back, I mean I only had surgery a little more than a month ago, so I'm still recovering whether it's obvious or not. Every single day, the daily vlog is coming back," he said.
Wil is also in favor of the government's proposition to shut down Boracay to tourists, to rehabilitate the island for a maximum of one year.
He said, "That's one of the biggest advocacies I've always wanted to talk more about, so I think that's something I definitely want to get more into." 
Wil has also expressed that he wants more Filipinos and tourists to have a sense of awareness and responsibility for our natural resources.