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Scarlet Snow Belo doesn’t know she’s famous

How does Scarlet react when people know her name?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/21/2018 in News
Scarlet Snow Belo doesn’t know she’s famous
Everyone in the Philippines (and soon, the world) knows Scarlet Snow Belo, but it’s surprising the three-year-old social media sensation isn’t aware of her own popularity.
Her mom Vicki shared in a recent report by PUSH that Scarlet gets confused whenever people recognize her wherever they go.
“She has zero idea of how popular she is and what’s happening,” the cosmetic surgeon said. “She asks me, ‘How come Mommy everybody knows my name?’”
Vicki further shared that although Scarlet constantly looks happy on Instagram, it takes her a while to make friends with new people.
She said, “It takes her a while to warm up to people so she is very friendly and happy kung kilala ka niya.”
Vicki’s also glad that her daughter brings happiness to a lot of people.
“People would say, ‘Please she’s our dose of good vibes. She makes us happy. When I’m sad, I watch her,’” she related, and added she’s also an avid fan of her daughter.
“When I’m abroad and I’m feeling sad I watch her videos natatawa na lang ako. So anything positive, anything that can bring good vibes to the Filipinos for free pa, parang for us that’s a wonderful thing,” she said.
Scarlet turned three earlier this month.