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What Claudine admires the most about Julia

Claudine: "I love you, my second Julia."

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/20/2018 in News
What Claudine admires the most about Julia
Award-winning Julia Montes turned 23 yesterday, March 19! Aside from her family and friends, one of the actresses that expressed appreciation for her is Optimum Star Claudine Barretto.
In an Instagram post today, March 20, Claudine greeted Julia, referring to her as her baby sister. "To my baby sister Julia Montes (@montesjulia08), belated happy birthday, sweetie. I hope na happy ka when I surprised you last night."
Claudine then went on to describe how special and deep their relationship is.
She wrote, "Thank you for always calling me, texting me, and showing me that you love my kids and I. My prayer for you last night is the same prayer I pray for my kids. May you always be covered with the blood of Jesus and may no weapon formed against you shall prosper. I thank God and you for being an amazing daughter, apo, sister, friend, and actress."

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Claudine then shared what she likes most about the Daytime Drama Queen. "The most important thing I love about you is when we talk about our fans/friends -- the way you appreciate them and love them even if you don’t know all of them is WONDERFUL and AMAZING."
She then said, "I love you, my second Julia."
How awesome is that? <3
Claudine is aunt to young actress Julia Barretto, who we all know is the first Julia in her life.