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Vice, napaluha dahil sa kanyang nawawalang ‘bird’

Vice reminisces about that “bird” he used to play with

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/2/2018 in News
Vice, napaluha dahil sa kanyang nawawalang ‘bird’
You would know that the joke is a tad too real when it hits right your heart. One minute you’re laughing and on the next, you’re bawling your eyes out 
Vice Ganda proved that this happens to everyone and all the time, and your tears won’t care if you’re in public or even on national TV.
It happened to the Unkabogable Star on “It’s Showtime” last Thursday, March 1, when he and fellow host Anne Curtis were talking to a “Miss Q&A” contestant about taking care of friends and animals. 
Vice started talking about a certain “bird” that he was friends with, but suddenly lost. "That bird, he used to be my friend. He's mad at me. I don't know. When I wanna play with that bird, he doesn't wanna play at all.” 
He shared that they used to play all the time, but now it seems like this “bird” has found another friend to play with. “Before, when our friendship was just starting, we always played. Every hour. But now he doesn't like to play with me, I'm no longer his friend. Maybe he found another friend.” 
It’s not like Vice could just replace this “bird” with another, because for him, once he makes friends with someone, it’s for life. 
“You know, it's very sad when your friend finds another friend and you don't feel that you are friends anymore. I don't know, it's so hard to find a new friend. When you love a friend, you love a friend forever. So when they decide to leave you, you know it really hurts so much,” he said. 
He added, “You don't know have a choice but cry because you miss your friend. I miss the bird." 
Anne stopped him there for a second and pointed out that there were real tears from his eyes and giggled about it. Vice then faced the camera and began to send a message to the person who now has his “bird.” 
"Whoever has my bird now, take care of him. I love that bird, so don't hurt him. Even if that bird hurt me, don't hurt him. Because I love that bird,” he said. 
But when Anne dared him to reveal the name of this “bird”, Vice just gave her a coy smile then laughed.