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Alexa shares the moment that made her cry the hardest

Alexa: “It was the worst heartbreak of my life”

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/2/2018 in News
Alexa shares the moment that made her cry the hardest
Teen star Alexa Ilacad opened up on the biggest heartbreak she had in her life.
And nope, it's not about a boy.
In a story by PUSH today, March 2, Alexa shared, "I had a cat recently. Salem was with me for just five days only."
"The Good Son" actress continued on to say that Salem was the first cat she ever adopted. And it broke her heart to say goodbye to it so fast.
"'Yun lang si Salem, 'yung I kept for myself and I was so decided this one would be mine. And then 'yun nga, she passed and it was the worst heartbreak of my life. Five days with me and I cried like I’ve never cried before."
She continued, "She gave me so much love. In that short five days I loved that cat so bad. When I got her, she had an eye infection, halos mabulag na. Ginamot ko siya everyday, ako lang. Kaya sobrang attached ako kasi napagaling ko siya. Nakakatakbo na siya. I knew I could never keep it kasi my mom doesn’t like cats. Sabi ko I can’t let this happen. Parang one minute pa lang head over heels na ako. Sabi ko, 'This is mine, I am keeping it,'" she said.
Alexa also believes in rescuing and adopting stray pets rather than buying from a shop. "I keep rescuing cats. Naaalala ko kapag galing taping, 'pag nakakakita ako [ng pusa], I would get it and then I would bring it to the vet right away. And then I contact all my friends who are interested, and then thankfully lahat ng pinost ko may nag-adopt."
Alexa's fondness for animals is truly evident. Her 18th birthday celebration last week, in fact, was spent at an animal shelter.