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EXCLUSIVE: Alexa, may iba pang calling?

Alexa reveals the ultimate reason she wants to live in a mansion.

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/19/2018 in News
EXCLUSIVE: Alexa, may iba pang calling?

Teen actress Alexa Ilacad revealed her ultimate life dream with us today, March 19, at "The Good Son" press conference --  and it's so admirable!

"Ever since I was a kid I love, love animals," she said.

However, in spite of her huge appreciation for the furry creatures, Alexa never had many pets. "I never owned a pet for a long time, I always end up giving it away."

Alexa furthered that in the future, it is really her heart's desire to build a home and provide care for rescued animals.

She said, "Ang goal ko nga lang talaga in life is, mag-iipon ako nang mag-iipon, magtatrabaho ako nang magtatrabaho, kasi I really want to buy like a hacienda, 'yung malaking-malaking hacienda tapos [may] isang malaking place just for the animals that I rescue. Hindi ko sila ibebenta, lahat sila aalagaan ko talaga. Parang sanctuary." 

Alexa, who just turned 18 years old last February 25, stressed that she would only adopt or rescue pets, and never buy one. But since she doesn't have the proper venue and resources to push the advocacy yet, she found a different way to help.

"For now since I'm not able to do that yet, kung ano 'yung nae-earn ko, I just donate it to the rescuers. Mga shelters, or mga individual rescuers, since I can't  take care of them myself, I'd rather help the people who help them."

Currently, Alexa only has one pet, her three-year-old dog Blush. She also had a kitten named Salem, who died five days after she got it, due to eye infection. 

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Alexa is part of the Kapamilya drama series "The Good Son" which airs weeknights after "Bagani".