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Are Bailey's cryptic tweets for Ylona?

Also, Bailey reacts to Ylona's new love team

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/16/2018 in News
Are Bailey's cryptic tweets for Ylona?
Former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate and certified cutie Bailey May clarified who his sweet cryptic tweets are for!
In his guesting on "Tonight with Boy Abunda" last Wednesday, March 14, Boy brought up the tweet in question, which said, "You are perfect just the way you are. I love you".
Also earlier this March, Bailey tweeted, "Know that I love you <3" and  "Night <3 missing you #BeHomeSoon"
Fans have speculated that they are for his love team and real-life friend Ylona Garcia. 
However, Bailey explained, "It was for my fans. I like to remind them that they’re very special to me all the time."
Boy also asked Bailey how he feels now that Ylona is being paired with former "Pinoy Boyband Superstar" contestant Henz Villaraiz.
Bailey said, "I’m not jealous. In fact, I’m very happy for her. We’re still very close, it’s like we haven’t been away from each other."
The 15-year-old singer-actor is a member of Now United pop global group based in the US, and he flies in and out of the country to fulfill his duties there.
Watch Bailey's interview with Boy Abunda here: