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Star Music signs deal with Wish FM

Top 5 Wishcovery contestants, parte na ng Star Music!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/15/2018 in News
Star Music signs deal with Wish FM
A groundbreaking partnership between Star Music and Wish FM happened today, March 15.
Last year, Wish FM launched an online singing competition called Wishcovery. Now, they are down to their top 5 finalists, or as they call them -- the Wishful 5.
Their grand finals won't be until March 27, but Star Music already signed the Wishful 5 for a contract! They are Princess Sevillena, Louie Anne Culala, Hacel Bartolome, Kimberly Baluzo, and Carmela Ariola.

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You can expect a series of original singles and an album from these five talented ladies, soon.
Welcome to the Star Music family, Wishfuls!