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Miles, may mga rebelasyon tungkol kay Jameson!

Saan daw takot si Jameson? Miles reveals!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/15/2018 in News
Miles, may mga rebelasyon tungkol kay Jameson!

Miles Ocampo and Jameson Blake might just be the newest love team to make your hearts beat faster!

Jameson is a new character in the Kapamilya sitcom "Home Sweetie Home", where Miles is a mainstay. And the two are set to bring a dash of young romance in the show.

During a set visit at their taping last Tuesday, March 13, we got to know more about the two and their first impressions of each other.

First, Miles revealed that Jameson is the quiet type. "Hindi siya nagsasalita po. Bihira."

When they went to Hong Kong to shoot in Disneyland, Miles said that Jameson would act all happy for the scenes, but after that, he'd be back to his normal, quiet self. 

"Hindi po kasi siya nagsasalita. Halimbawa kapag kakausapin niyo po siya, sasagot lang po siya. Ano kasi siya… Sobrang mahiyain niya pero mabait naman," Miles shared.

Jamesone explained that that's just his personality. "Siguro kasi [dahil] new. Ayun. New friend lang. Ganun kasi ako."

Miles also revealed that Jameson is afraid of the rides in Disneyland! "Takot siya. Takot po siyang sumakay sa rides," she said.

Jameson then interjected, saying, "Alam mo 'yung ride, gusto niya (Miles) talaga ‘yung ride tapos ako, takot. [She's] very outgoing. Gusto niya talaga… She was fun and everything. So ayun, maganda 'yun." 

Cute! Can you think of a tandem name for Miles and Jameson yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Catch these two on "Home Sweetie Home" every Saturday after "TV Patrol Weekend."