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Direk Cathy, napabilib ng Piarald?

How did Pia and Gerald change Direk Cathy’s first impression of them?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/15/2018 in News
Direk Cathy, napabilib ng Piarald?
Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina has been very vocal about her first impressions of Gerald Anderson and Pia Wurtzbach, the lead stars of her newest movie “My Perfect You.”
At first, she thought Gerald couldn’t act very well, and Pia wasn’t at all beautiful for her - but that all changed once they got to know each other during shooting.
At their Victory Bloggers Conference today, March 15, Direk Cathy related how she coaxed out their skills, and how they amazed her with them.
“Wala naman akong ilalabas kung walang ilalabas. I only brought out what’s already in there, because I cannot bring out what’s not there. Pia had it already, Ge had it. I just had to tap it. ‘Yun lang naman ang naitulong ko sa kanila,” she said.
She also applauded the two for having the humility to accept her harsh words, as well as using them to improve their craft.
“Nung simula gina-guide ko pa sila ni Pia. ‘Pag may nakikita akong Gerald, sasabihin ko, ‘Nakikita ko si Ge! I want Burn!’ Pero nung patapos na kami, hindi ko na siya ginaganun… kasi siya na si Burn. Hindi ko na siya bibigyan ng instructions. Sobra akong amazed,” she said, adding that there was a scene where Gerald made everyone cry on the set, from the cameraman to Direk Cathy herself.
“Nakita ko kay Ge ‘yung sincerity… at lahat kami nag-iyakan dahil sa kanya. He was wonderful,” she said.
Meanwhile, Direk Cathy described Pia as the “perfect leading lady” because she can show a wide range of emotions.
“Si Pia, para siyang jack of all trades. Kaya niya mag-comedy, magpaiyak, mag action. It’s all in her… and we loved her kasi she’s as simple as the rest of my staff. We loved her that way and we’ll continue to love and support her for as long as ganyan siya,” she said.

“My Perfect You” is produced by ABS-CBN Films, Star Cinema. It is now showing in 200 cinemas nationwide.