‘Vince and Kath’ recap: The pains of an unrequited love

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3/15/2018 in VINCE & KATH
‘Vince and Kath’ recap: The pains of an unrequited love
Chapter four of the “Vince and Kath” online comics features the pains of an unrequited love, so get ready for the feels and support Vince’s broken heart.
Vince somehow had the chance to show Kath his care for her when he found out that she works at an automotive shop, but Fate just has its ways of turning things around for Vince – James already wants to meet Kath in person!
Being the oh-so-pretty girl that she is, Kath received dozens of roses from random people, until finally, James showed up and handed her a bouquet.
Straight-up, James asked Kath, “Pwede na ba kita ligawan?” Whoa, dude’s too fast but Kath seemed to agree with the situation. What can we do, right?
Peeking behind the door was Vince, the brokenhearted man who never got the chance to tell Kath how he feels.
It must have felt like thorns of roses poking at Vince’s heart to have witnessed the girl of his dreams give permission for his best friend to court her.
Is this the end for Vince’s heart?
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