‘Vince and Kath’ recap: The dilemma – to be a friend or a lover?

What would you do if your best friend asks you to help him court the girl of YOUR dreams?

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3/15/2018 in VINCE & KATH
‘Vince and Kath’ recap: The dilemma – to be a friend or a lover?
By Ricca Bernardo


In the second chapter of the “Vince and Kath” online comics, the love triangle drama about two best friends liking the same girl continues to gradually unfold.

Kath revealed to her girl friends that she likes James and it got them all kilig because it’s the cool, smart, and handsome varsity team captain they’re talking about.
Meanwhile, James decided to make some moves on Kath by giving her the last ice cream available in the school cafeteria. However, Kath played hard to get and refused it. James asked Vince to give Kath the ice cream, but got the same result.
Thinking that Kath hated him, James decided to really make the move as Vince advised him to. As he was approaching Kath, he overheard the girls being all kilig about the posts of “Da Vinci Quotes.”
Knowing that Vince is behind the “Da Vinci Quotes,” James begged his best friend for help.
Vince faced the dilemma between helping his best friend get the girl of his dreams and getting his own dream girl. What would he choose?
Being the good friend that he is, Vince gave up his chance for his best friend to be happy. He began to anonymously text Kath and pretend to be her secret admirer.
Will this courting strategy of James be a success? Will Kath like her this way? What will happen to Vince and his unrequited love?
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