‘Vince and Kath’ recap: The birth of a new love triangle

What do you do when you're torn between your best friend and your crush?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

3/15/2018 in VINCE & KATH
‘Vince and Kath’ recap: The birth of a new love triangle
The “Vince and Kath” online comics only has two chapters released as of the moment, but the drama is sure kicking in early!
The series started with a beauty pageant which our leading lady, Kath Gonzales, competed in. Not only did Kath win the Miss Engineering crown, but she got the attention of basketball heartthrobs James Raymundo and Vince Arcilla as well. 
It may seem like a dream come true for any girl, but there's just one tiny problem: James and Vince are best friends!
James, the star basketball player, already admitted that he likes Kath. Meanwhile, Vince kept his feelings a secret because hello, bro code, pare!
The plot thickens because Kath also has a crush on James, while she is perpetually annoyed at Vince.
Call it a cliched love triangle trope that's been done a million times before, but you've got to admit, it's pretty stressful and dramatic!
Will James muster the courage to ask Kath out on a date? Will Vince keep his feelings for Kath hidden? And most importantly, will Kath's annoyance at Vince never change and her crush on James remain?
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Who are you rooting for, Vince or James?
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