‘Vince and Kath’ recap: The beginning of Var and Cheer

Is it possible that a missent text message will give you extra ganda points?

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3/15/2018 in VINCE & KATH
‘Vince and Kath’ recap: The beginning of Var and Cheer
By Ricca Bernardo
The “Vince and Kath” online comics’ third chapter presents a "secret admirer" that has the power to connect and create a relationship between Kath and… Vince? James? The story just gets better.
Kath finally received a text message from her "secret admirer," but instead of the kilig feeling, it was humiliation that spread in the air. Why? Kath missent a text message to this person! What’s worse? It’s about how to heal a fresh circumcision! Talk about O.M.G.!
Vince and James laughed their hearts out in that message, and you'd feel Kath’s heart sank out of humiliation. But the humiliating situation did not prevent her from receiving flowers the day after. From whom? Var, of course!
So, Kath and Mr. Secret Admirer are texting, and they have nicknames for each other already. Kilig much?! Kath’s nickname is "Cheer," short for “cheerleader,” while Mr. Secret Admirer’s nickname is "Var," short for “varsity.”
But… Who is "Var"? As Kath’s mother and siblings are clueless about this Var who sent the ice cream, Kath is just as clueless.
Who is "Var" REALLY representing? Is it Vince? Or is it James?
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