THOUGHT PICKS: Who says you can't be independent and obedient at the same time?

Young actress took this one thing to heart and it has done her good.

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3/14/2018 in THOUGHT PICKS
THOUGHT PICKS: Who says you can't be independent and obedient at the same time?

By Mia Gener 

We’re all about celebrating independence and adulthood. Admit it or not, most of us like the thought of not having to depend on our parents or take what they have to say into account when we make decisions. At one point, we’ve all wanted to break away from having to rely on our parents and guardians alike. Back then, adulthood to us was a foreign land that many of us were, more than anything, eager to explore. Ever since we’ve reached our first quarter of adulthood, we’ve been seizing every opportunity to display our capability for independence.

Many of us have been frustrated offspring at least once in our lives. We disliked it whenever our parents – particularly our mothers – would tell us what to do and we’d find their advice unreasonable and rather dated. Once we’ve felt like we’ve reached a point where we could break away from their reins, we’d do just that and face the world like the big girls and boys we wanted to prove ourselves to be.

It’s the other way around for 20-year-old Julia Barretto.

We’re sick of hearing the saying “mother knows best” especially from our own mothers. Julia, however, seems to have had this inscribed in her heart and woven into her principles, even in her adulthood.

It’s ironic how Julia – who learned to be independent at around the age of 16 – still finds it relevant to seek her mother Marjorie’s advice.

On the morning show "Magandang Buhay" last December, Marjorie Barretto shared that Julia – who’s pretty much of age – still consults her when making decisions. 

On the other hand, she makes sure that Julia isn’t spoonfed when it comes to making decisions. Marjorie still gives her room to grow up. “Hinahayaan ko na siya paunti-unti na. Minsan she'll tell me something, sasabihin ko, ‘Ikaw magdesisyon niyan.’ Kasi, gusto ko rin namang matuto na siya eh. And I think part of being a good parent is allowing your child na mag-grow up na rin, 'di ba?" Marjorie knows just when to intervene and when to let go – it’s this motherly wisdom, intuition, and gut that Julia trusts.

This, in turn, taught Julia to trust herself when making decisions and erase “regret” from her vocabulary. "Feeling ko, lahat ng mistakes ko from the past made me the person that I am now,” Julia shared. “Nandito ako dahil sa mga desisyon na 'yun, mga choices na 'yun, so I'm more thankful for the experiences, good or bad.”

Marjorie added, "’pag meron siyang kailangang desisyon, makiki-argue 'yan nang konti sa'kin, pero ‘pag sinabi ko na 'yung gusto kong sabihin or 'yung opinion ko, kaagad nagsu-switch rin siya. Basta nalang siya nakikinig sa'kin.”

Just like almost every mother, Marjorie has nothing but the best in mind for her children. “Kasi lagi kong sinasabi sa kanya, ‘Sa mundong ito, ako 'yung pinaka-hindi sasaktan ka. I will always have the best intentions for you, so lahat ng advice ko, talagang from my heart 'yun. Hindi kita tratraydorin kahit anong mangyari,’” she related.

Julia’s wisdom is evident in the way she hears her mother out, even when she disagrees. The way fans – both young and old – view her as a role model is proof that taking her mother’s advice to heart allowed her to bloom in the best way possible.  It’s this humility of hers that has gotten her to where she is now.

Even in being a young adult, Julia reminds us that asking for mom’s input may be a wiser move than attempting to go it alone. It may do us more good than we think. It may even surprise us.