THOUGHT PICKS: Roxanne Barcelo's journey to becoming a real woman

Sexy actress talks about rising as an empowered woman through the vigors of showbiz

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/14/2018 in THOUGHT PICKS
THOUGHT PICKS: Roxanne Barcelo's journey to becoming a real woman

Roxanne Barcelo is all about seeing all women stand up for themselves and achieve their full potential. 

And in her own journey to finding out who she is through the platform that she's in - the entertainment industry that is - she described how she emerged wiser, stronger, and still full of love through it all.

In an exclusive interview last January 31, Roxanne told us:

"I want every woman to truly understand what they're about. I want them to know who they are. I want them to find their passion and be successful."

Sharing the difficult path she had in showbiz, she said:

"I've been in showbiz for 18 years. And it was not the easiest route to take. I definitely took the longer, the deeper, the higher route. But I can say the fulfillment really comes in the end, it doesn't come in between. So never stop if you really want it."

"Be honest, and be authentic as possible. But the journey to becoming authentic is long. It's painful. You have to really be aware fully of who you are and who others feel you are. Because sometimes we can force ourselves upon others in a different light. We can have a different image, but unless it's the truth, it won't last."

And with the support of the people most important to her, Roxanne was able to rise probably scathed and damaged, but more genuine and empowered than ever.

"My journey towards becoming a real woman was very difficult, but I can say the people who raised me, my parents, all my friends, especially my gay friends, they really made such an impact in my life," she said.