THOUGHT PICKS: Jodi the ‘Life Guru’

"Here’s how Jodi helped me get through 2017..."

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

3/14/2018 in THOUGHT PICKS
THOUGHT PICKS: Jodi the ‘Life Guru’
Well, hello there diary!
This year has been a tough one for me; feeling like a single parent because my husband works abroad; (sometimes) feeling like a failure as a mom; bad days and bad experiences; stressful days; losing loved ones; self-pitying…
Now that 2017 is about to end, we were tasked by our mentor to write something we learned from a celebrity over the year, and the first person that immediately came to my mind is Jodi Sta. Maria.
She is a LIFE and LOVE guru for me.
Every time I have a problem and seeking for answers, I scroll through her Twitter account (@JodiStaMaria) to find answers.
NO JOKE. Ever since I got the chance to interview her for “The Achy Breaky Hearts,” I’ve been inspired and hooked with her words of wisdom. I admire how pure, selfless, but a fighter her heart is.
Anyway... The point of me writing to you is because I want to share the lessons I learned from her. Of course, I don't want my best friend to miss something about me, right? :)
So here are my favorite words from her:
When I feel like a failure…



When I feel helpless…
‘Pag ubos na ubos na ako emotionally, mentally, physically...
When I feel like I’m not good enough…
When I’m in emotional pain…
‘Pag gusto ko POSITIVE lang lahat…
Dear other self, here are life mantras from Jodi to help you gain self-confidence and self-worth.
I pray you quit overthinking, replaying failed scenarios, feeding self-doubt and seeing the good in everyone but yourself. You deserve more. ❤️🌈
Even at your best, someone will have something negative to say. Pursue greatness anyways. 🌈❤️
Last but definitely not the least, this is ME, 100% feeling and experiencing things like Jodi.
“You see, when you are a mom, you're also a planner, you're also a chef, you’re also the alarm clock, you're also the teacher, you're also a counselor. Kumbaga mahirap man siya pero I think wala nang mas sasarap pa doon sa feeling na nakikita mo na number one: lumalaki ng tama ‘yung anak mo. Pangalawa is ‘yung simpleng sabihan ka ng ‘Mommy, I love you’ parang ‘yun na lang ‘yung gusto mo marinig. Parang magic word iyon na kahit sobrang pagod na pagod ka na sa dami ng responsibilidad na ginagawa mo sa life mo pero 'pag sinabi na na ‘I love you, Mommy,’ parang napapawi talaga lahat.”
Feel na feel kita diyan, Madam Jods! O ‘di ba, inspiring talaga siya?
Thank you for listening to me, just like you always do, my diary.