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THOUGHT PICKS: How Anne inspired us to fight for the good, love life, and dream big

Anne as a modern and empowered muse this 2017, an introspection

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/14/2018 in THOUGHT PICKS
THOUGHT PICKS: How Anne inspired us to fight for the good, love life, and dream big
I’d see her on television at noon always carrying a playful, energetic, and positive vibe as a host on “It’s Showtime”. I’d see her on Instagram with perfect OOTDs, traveling around with friends and loved ones. She’s beautiful, she’s easy to like, and sometimes I feel like she will never go wrong with anything – except maybe when she sings the rock band Heart's classic hit “Alone,” because once she holds the mic to belt that high tune… let’s just say, God is fair. But that just makes her even more interesting. Her imperfections make me feel like she’s also an ordinary girl, with her own set of flaws.
I struggle with the thought of not being enough, of not having much talent to give to the world; but seeing Anne who looks like she’s enjoying every bit of life, who speaks her mind, and who tries to make a difference in the lives of others, I feel like maybe I can shine in my own way, too.
One of the things she does to inspire is her advocacy of dreaming big and making them come true. This year, she founded a passion project called Dream Machine Foundation.
"Ang dami kasi talagang nangyari sa akin na maganda, so gusto kong ibalik ‘yun, how to pay it forward, and that’s how [Dream Machine] came about. I have always been a dreamer. In my 20 years in showbiz, I have worked hard to reach for my dreams. I am blessed to have already achieved most of my dreams and it’s now my turn to be able to be a blessing to others through this," PUSH quoted her as saying.
Dream shaming, or the act of discouraging others' dreams because of their ethnicity, economic status, looks, or skills, is an issue that Anne wants to address. "Gusto ko i-encourage 'yung mga taong hindi naniniwala na puwedeng mangyari 'yung mga pangarap nila. And there’s a whole team of people who are willing to help you."
With the goal of being the voice of the unheard, Anne has created a way to reach out to them in her own way. What an angel.
It also seems like Anne’s strongest suit to spread happiness wherever she goes. But she is also not afraid to call out people who are overstepping some lines.
In October, Anne’s “It’s Showtime” co-host Nadine Lustre lost her brother in an untimely death. Nadine then took a break from the noontime variety show. When she rejoined the show, a netizen attacked Nadine, criticizing her presence there when her brother just died.
Anne was not afraid to call out the hate comment.
She wrote, replying to the netizen, "You are a horrible person. You never know what a person is going through or how they deal with whatever it is they are feeling. So, back off."
That’s a deep burn. And it’s every bit real. You really could never know how a person copes with sadness especially if you are just somebody hiding at a safe distance behind a keyboard. 
Anne stood up for a friend, and that is one of the best ways to show genuine concern. I, for one, will also not tolerate baseless negativity to be thrown at my loved ones.
She is also an example of a woman who exercises her freedom, because yes, in case anyone missed it, women have the right to choose and decide for their lives.
When she got married to her longtime boyfriend Erwan Heussaff in November, the online world’s next question is when she is going to have a baby.
Anne was not afraid to answer, "Oh my gosh! We JUST got married! We will enjoy this first before taking that next BIG step! Not yet."
That’s it. Crush the stigma. Because why would we oblige and settle for the linear path set by society? Some of us think that their life will only be complete if they eventually get married and have children. But life is so much bigger than that. We can choose to be successful in our careers, maybe travel the world, and yes, maybe also love someone so deeply along the way. Whatever goes!
To me, Anne is a modern muse. This 2018, maybe I'll trust myself more instead of doubting my abilities. Seeing Anne as a modern muse, I am given a perspective that I can show empowering values that will allow me to live life to the fullest, while still being an instrument to infect others with goodness and cheer.