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Jessy opens up on losing and regaining self-confidence

Ano ba talaga ang dahilan kaya nawala si Jessy pansamantala sa showbiz?

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/13/2018 in News
Jessy opens up on losing and regaining self-confidence
Actress Jessy Mendiola admitted she had depression because of body-shaming.
On Instagram yesterday, March 12, Jessy posted two photos of her, one which showed her in a "fuller" figure, and another where she's seen to have a "fitter" physique. 
She wrote, "So... I’m gonna post about this because a lot of people asked me to. Not to show off or anything, but rather to inspire. I’ve always thought of myself as really strong and fit, yes, even on the picture on the left. I worked out regularly (weights and all), ate what I felt was good for me and you know what? It felt good, I was happy." 
The 24-year-old sexy celebrity then opened up on how happy she felt when she was named FHM's sexiest woman in 2016. But that feeling quickly went away because she was attacked by some for her physical appearance. "I was bullied, body shamed with bashers calling me names like 'pata, baboy, taba,' etc. while others said I didn’t deserve to win the title 'cause I’m waaaaaay bigger than the other girls who they thought should’ve won."
Because of too much negative opinions about her body, Jessy narrated how she lost her confidence, and how she felt like it was wrong to be on the heavier side.
"I stopped working out, I got depressed, binge ate my feelings off and started gaining more weight than I should," she said.
Jessy also revealed that she stopped accepting jobs on television because of insecurities. "I didn’t even want to be seen on TV anymore, I started turning down roles and it affected my work."
Eventually, Jessy realized that she should accept herself, and disregard people who keep judging her.
"I started building myself up again despite what other people say (until now they call me names) and have lost 15 lbs since. I started accepting my built and switched my work out."
She ended her post encouraging other women who feel the same way she did to keep going and focus on loving themselves instead of minding others' opinions.
"Love yourself, love your body and it will love you back. TRUST ME," she wrote.
Read Jessy's full post here:

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Jessy Mendiola is part of Ricky Lee's 18th screenwriting workshop. She and boyfriend, host Luiz Manzano, are planning a destination wedding with details still under wraps.