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Maris gets personal in IG Stories Q&A!

Know Maris' pet peeve, last text, celebrity crush + more!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

3/12/2018 in News
Maris gets personal in IG Stories Q&A!

Resident funny girl Maris Racal has shared interesting, new details about her as she answered several Instagram StoriesQ&As -- a new rising trend on social media. 

Today, March 12, in her Instagram Stories, we found out that Maris' favorite childhood memories are the fights she had with her mates while playing Chinese garter -- so relatable! She also prefers to "get over it" rather than "get even" -- a real mature choice. And that her pet peeve is seeing people do humble bragging -- same, TBH. 

Know more about Maris' firsts, favorites, and randomness in these snapshots.

Read away!

Maris is part of the afternoon teleserye "Hanggang Saan," and of the musical-variety show "ASAP". She also recently released her first ever single titled "Tala".