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Claudine, inisa-isa ang mga reklamo kay Raymart!

Claudine finally speaks out on daughter Sabina’s “grudge” against dad Raymart

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/11/2018 in News
Claudine, inisa-isa ang mga reklamo kay Raymart!

Claudine Barretto isn’t just going to let her daughter Sabina get criticized for expressing her sentiments against her dad Raymart Santiago and his rumored girlfriend Aurora “AC” Legarda through Instagram last Monday, March 5. 

So the actress came up with a detailed explanation “validating” the 13-year-old’s hard feelings (and hers) towards Raymart on the same platform four days later. 

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She began by sharing that this conflict might have started the moment Claudine and Raymart decided to end their marriage. “These past week has been a very painful, confusing week, for my children and seeing your children in pain is the most painful thing any parent can feel. To make things clear, so you understand kahit a bit of what Sab, Saint, and I have been going through, when Raymart and I separated a few years back I begged him to have that conversation separated parents do to explain that daddy and mommy loves you and will always be there for you both but cannot be together,” she wrote. 

“That never happened,” she added and said that she even convinced Raymart to take counselling with Sabina and their son Santino so that they wouldn’t feel abandoned. “It was I who again begged Rayart to go through counselling just the three of them so they would feel loved, safe, and secure despite our separation.”

The Optimum Star revealed how she lets Raymart see the kids despite the temporary restraining order she filed against him and how she always has to “beg” him to attend important school events. “Also, the court ordered that Raymart’s visitations would have been every Saturday (Yes, our judge was kind enough to do Saturdays, kahit closed ‘yung court for four hours with two social workers). I allowed and still allow him to come and visit the kids anytime he wants, kahit may TPO (temporary restraining order), he goes in and out of our home. It is I who begs Raymart to go to the events in school (pahirapan pa ‘yun and even the heads of the school calls him para lang um-attend).”

She also opened up about her decision to put her career on hold to spend more time with Sabina and Santino. “It was I who asked Raymart to stay true to his promise both in court and sa akin to undergo counselling but to no avail. Ako rin po ang nagsabi ‘We failed as husband and wife, let us not fail as parents!’ My kids ans I go to counseling two, something three times, a month. I stopped working so my kids would feel secure and safe knowing that one parent is there when they need us” 

Addressing Raymart’s rumored romance, Claudine said that AC isn’t the first woman to be involved with him since their split. “This relationship thing of Raymart isn’t the first in years. There were others and I really don’t care. My only request is for him to explain this to my kids but he consistently denies that he has a girlfriend. So he doesn’t feel the need to explain so okay.” 

The post continued on to explain that Sabina chose to take her feelings to Instagram because she found no other way to reach out to him. “My daughter is being bashed for protecting herself and her brother, when that is the only way she knows how because she cannot open or talk to her dad, who by the way does not visit once a week. There were times more than two months he would not visit or call to check on them.” 

Then, Claudine accused Raymart of not paying child support and being in millions of debt. “Yes, for we half in paying for their tuition fees for three years and it was only this last payment na ‘di kami nag-half because of my sickness and hospitalizations. Four million na utang or arrears for the years of not paying child support. And we had an offshor account that we both received three million something each that the court granted para mabayaran ang arrears niya, but sadly he kept this!” 

To those saying that she instructed Sabina to take on her dad through Instagram, the former Kapamilya star has this to say: 

“As much as I don’t want to put Raymart in a bad light, our child is being bashed. You all can say many things about me but if there is one thing I can be proud of is that I am a damn good mom! I don’t coach or talk bad about their father because he has proven that very well to them. I would never put hatred in my children’s minds and heart. But it was only I alone who has been protecting them. Sinaktan physically si Saint, did anyone aside from me protect him. Everyone has the right to be happy and believe it or not that is something I want Raymart to have. But is it so hard to explain? To say I put the quotes my daughter made is such a low blow. But I will validate her feelings as any mother would.” 

Claudine ended the post by showing appreciation for the love and support she’s been receiving, including those from single mothers like her. “I want to thank all of you mothers or not mothers for the love and support you all have shown for me, especially, my children may God bless each and everyone of you.”