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#LaLunaLastReveal Scene of the Day: The new Malia

Lumabas na ang buong kapangyarihan ng Bagong Itinakda (Malia)! #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

3/1/2018 in News
#LaLunaLastReveal Scene of the Day: The new Malia
Malia’s (Kathryn Bernardo) powers have fully come out!
After the heartbreaking death of Lolo Gabriel (Noel Trinidad), Tristan (Daniel Padilla) walked out of the LLU to unleash his anger on Sandrino’s (Richard Gutierrez) vampires. While he was out, a heartbroken Malia ran out into an open field and spoke to the moon.
This is our scene of the day! And here’s why:
  • The way Malia admitted that she felt like giving up (Malia, no!! Walang susuko, ‘di ba?)
  • How she cried under the moonlight (She’s carrying so much weight *cries*)
  • How the moon shone brighter and a voice said, “Lagi mong tatandaan na espesyal ka. Mahal na mahal ka ng Tatay Mateo.” (OMG MATEO [John Lloyd Cruz]?!)  
  • The way Malia started to glow under the moonlight and was lifted up (It’s happening again!!!)
  • How her fangs (FINALLY!!!) came out, and her hair changed color (HER FANGS!! FINALLY!!)
  • The way her eyes changed color from a completely yellow to yellow with a red rim around it (Her vampire powers are finally kicking in!)
Malia later donned a red-hooded cape (much like the one Jacintha [Angel Locsin] used) when she went to stop Soraya (Denise Laurel) and Greta (Meryll Soriano) from killing each other.
Though she invited them both to join the LLU in their fight against Supremo, Soraya refused and attacked the Punong Bantay. In the middle of their fight, the black wolf was knocked down and Greta ended her life. The vampire later went with Malia back to the LLU with the rest of Soraya’s pack of black wolves as allies.
Elsewhere, Tristan, Apple (Maymay Entrata), and Doc (Randy Santiago) mourned the loss of their beloved grandparents. Tristan went on a rampage and killed all of Supremo’s vampires in his lair. Apple wanted to help her brother get revenge for their family and begged the vampires of the LLU to turn her into one of them.
On Supremo’s end, it seems Evil Sandrino didn’t fully defeat Sandrino for the latter is still fighting to take control of his body again.
Will Malia be able to take on Evil Sandrino now that she has all her powers? Will Sandrino overpower his darker self and take control of his body again?
Don’t miss the last week of “La Luna Sangre” weeknights on Primetime Bida after “FPJ's Ang Probinsyano.”