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Will Coleen and Xian let their SO's watch 'Sin Island'?

Manonood nga ba sina Kim Chiu at Billy Crawford ng "Sin Island"?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

2/9/2018 in News
Will Coleen and Xian let their SO's watch 'Sin Island'?
"Sin Island" might be the most daring film they've both done in their respective careers, but Coleen Garcia and Xian Lim say they've got nothing to hide about it from their significant others. 
In an interview on "Tonight With Boy Abunda" yesterday, February 8, the two actors revealed they are both open to letting Billy Crawford and Kim Chiu watch their steamy flick.
"If (Kim) wants to watch, she's more than welcome to watch," Xian said magnanimously, drawing cheers from the audience. 
As for Coleen, she's actually pushing her future husband to go to the theaters.
She shared, "You know what, I've always been shy for him to watch my movies but this time...this is the first time that I'm like 'Oh my God! You have to watch this!' Kasi it's really a nice movie. More than sexy, it's very edgy."
"Sin Island" opens in cinemas nationwide this February 14. You can watch the trailer here:
Directed by Gino M. Santos, "Sin Island" tells the story of a picture-perfect married couple David (Xian Lim) and Kanika (Coleen Garcia) whose paradise in each other’s arms will be put to the test as she enters into a dangerous affair shortly after his career tanks into a downward spiral. As David discovers Kanika’s transgressions, he flees to Sinilaban Island where he meets and engages in a carnal affair with a girl named Tasha (Nathalie Hart). Despite their mistakes, the couple decides to rekindle their marriage, but Tasha refuses to let go of David.