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Maris Racal serves memorable and magical moments in first FanCon

Did you catch these six major highlights at the #MarisStarEventsFanCon?

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

2/9/2018 in News
Maris Racal serves memorable and magical moments in first FanCon

Maris Racal staged the first-ever Star Events FanCon last night, February 8, and we witnessed how magical it has been for her and her fans.

The event, held at Teatrino in Promenade, had a chill, intimate vibe. Maris was able to talk, hand gifts, and truly have an interaction with her supporters.

For those who still have a hangover from what happened, and also for those who missed the FanCon, here's a glimpse of the magical night with Maris.

1. Real Talk with Maris

Maris had a "real talk" session with her host VJ Ai dela Cruz, who asked her impromptu questions!

It was all about her first crush, first love, first heartbreak, childhood, and more. In this segment, we saw what a funny girl Maris really is. 


2. Fans ask questions

Now, here's a segment that the fans loved! Anyone who wanted to ask Maris a question was free to come up the stage. From love questions to questions about her art, it was really a moment when fans got to talk to Maris on a more personal level.


3. Inigo's entrance

The night wouldn't be complete without Inigo Pascual! He made a really cute entrance, pretending to be a fan who also wants to ask a question from the star of the night. Needless to say, MarNigos were more than happy to see them on-stage! 


4. Doesn't MarNigo look better when they're together?

The two then sang the Jack Johnson hit "Better Together," and it was lovely!


5. Games and meet-and-greet

The difference of a FanCon from a concert is that the artist can really get close to her audience and have fun with them, just like a get-together. For Maris' FanCon, she played games and had a meet-and-greet, which was evidently full of love. <3

6. The release of "Tala"

Maris surprised everyone when she launched her original song, "Tala". After her performance, she announced that it's also available on iTunes and Spotify!


We were also able to talk to the multi-talented star about the inspiration of her new song!

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On Twitter, today, February 9, Maris thanked everyone who joined her first FanCon.

Congratulations, and keep being yourself, Maris!