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  • Sue, may nakaka-touch na paalala kay Maris!

Sue, may nakaka-touch na paalala kay Maris!

Sue is definitely one of Maris' biggest fans!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

2/8/2018 in News
Sue, may nakaka-touch na paalala kay Maris!
Young stars Sue Ramirez and Maris Racal share an admirable friendship. 
Today, February 8, is the day that Maris will stage her first FanCon (fan conference) under Star Music and Star Events -- and we're excited!
And Sue, for her part, probably knew that her dear friend needs an extra boost for later's event, so she posted a message on Instagram to encourage her!
Sue said, "Last year, I was lucky enough to have shared a stage with you. And today, one of your biggest dreams come true. It's not only taking on your own stage, it's sharing your talent and your music for people to hear." 

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Sue continued to say that Maris doesn't have to worry about anything because she is simply great.
She wrote, "Sobra kaming proud sayo, Maris (@mariesteller)! I know how much HEART and hard work you have put into the songs that you wrote, and I'm lucky enough to be one of the firsts who heard them! 'Wag ka nang kabahan dahil MAGALING KA. Lagi mo 'yang tatandaan. I love you, Stella!!!"
A sisterhood like this is definitely for keeps. <3
Sue and Maris are part of the Kapamilya Gold teleserye "Hanggang Saan." Last year, they held a concert called "Double Hearts" together with Loisa Andalio and Kristel Fulgar.