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Kim, ipinagtanggol si Ryan sa mga bashers!

Kim to bashers: "Bakit hindi natin i-try si Oppa Ryan?"

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

2/6/2018 in News
Kim, ipinagtanggol si Ryan sa mga bashers!
When the news broke that Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang will topbill an upcoming Star Cinema movie, fans felt happy and were thrilled to see the newest love team called "ChiKo" on the big screen.
However, the presence of bashers is inevitable. And in a recent interview with PEP, Kim addressed these "negatizens" who doubt Ryan's capability to be her leading man.
"Itong movie na 'to ay bagay din kay Ryan Bang. Since uso rin naman ang Korean ngayon, why not 'di ba?" the Chinita Princess explained.
"Si Ryan is pure Korean and Pinoy by heart, so bakit hindi natin i-try si Oppa Ryan,” she added.
Having done numerous movies, Kim promised that, "this (film) is something different. Of course, the genre is something different, walang fantasy."
"Mukha lang ni Ryan ang fantasy," she quipped.
Looking through her filmography, this is Kim's fourth film under the horror genre following "Shake, Rattle, and Roll X (2008)," "The Healing (2012)," and "The Ghost Bride (2017)".
“It's always a different role, different story kasi," she explained. "You cannot say that kapag gagawa ka ng horror after a horror movie, madali na siya."
Kim firmly believes that doing a film "is always a learning process, a study process. Not naman just horror film, parang every film is always hard, you really and always have to study your character, everything."
With that being said, Kim related that she's excited to learn new things in doing this movie.
"'Yun talaga ang important when I listen to a pitch in a movie. It's important for me to know what the movie is about, ano ang matututunan ko sa movie na 'yan, what am I gonna get na pwede kong i-share sa viewers ko," she shared.
Meanwhile, Kim and Ryan's upcoming film is directed by Tony Y. Reyes.
With them in this much-awaited film are Pepe Herrera, Lassy Marquez, and Moi Bien.
It will be released soon in cinemas! :)