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Erich spills the right mindset for being sexy

This is what confidence is all about, as told by Erich

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

2/6/2018 in News
Erich spills the right mindset for being sexy

Erich Gonzales thinks it's about time for women to show what they can do.

The 27-year-old sexy actress plays the role of three identical sisters in the upcoming primetime teleserye "Blood Sisters". During the show's press conference yesterday, February 5, Erich shared how the series will show stronger and more empowered women.

She said, "This time, we can show them what we [women] can do. Kumbaga, 'yung project na 'to kasi, napapakita rin kung paano tayo lumaban sa challenges in life, 'yung mga challenges thrown at us. Pagiging strong, making a stand." 

Erich's past projects and endorsements have also showcased how fit and confident she is about her body. When asked about how she feels that more and more younger celebrities are also being confident about showing their physiques, Erich said:

"Kahit na anong built mo, skinny ka or may laman ka, it's all about that confidence in you. 'Yung kung pa'no mo tingnan 'yung sarili mo, if you're comfortable, then okay."

She continued, "'Yung pagiging sexy naman kasi, hindi lang sa pagpapakita ng skin, kundi kung paano mo tinitingnan 'yung bigger picture. It's about kung ano 'yung gusto mong ipakita sa ibang tao like your attitude."

Erich will also star in the upcoming movie "The Significant Other," together with Lovi Poe and Tom Rodriguez, to be distributed by Star Cinema.