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No training? No problem! Kim finishes 33-km duathlon

Kim did what she thought she couldn't. Clap, clap, champion!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

2/28/2018 in News
No training? No problem! Kim finishes 33-km duathlon

Kim Chiu conquered her very first duathlon race of the year even with zero training!

The actress shared her experience at the Pilipinas Duathlon Series 2018 last Sunday, February 25, on her Instagram account, writing how satisfying it is to finish something you thought you couldn’t.

“Trust yourself that you can do things you thought you can’t… I thought of giving up or going down and just push my bike upwards but I told myself ‘NO! It’s all in the mind!’ Then I did it!!!!” she said.

The duathlon featured a total of 8-km run and 25-km bike.

Kim related that it’s been a few months since she worked out intensely, which is why she started doubting herself in the middle of the race.

She wrote, “Just like in normal life, ‘pag may problema ka you want to give up… But NO!!!! You can do it, just believe in yourself, it may be hard in the middle part but nothing compares to the feeling when you reach the finish line with your head up high and get that finisher medal with people saying ‘CONGRATS nagawa mo!!!’”

Kim further added that she joins races not to collect medals, but to get to know herself better.

“Joining races makes me know myself even more. Every race, I discover something new about myself. It pushed me to my limits out of my comfort zone. I have to finish this thing on my own, my own body, my own mind, my own strength, not depending on anyone else’s ability,” she said. “But one thing I also learned from this race is not to race if you didn't train coz that was hard!!!! Hahahhaha”

Kim first got into duathlon racing after she played a professional athlete in the daytime series “Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin.”

She's working on a horror-comedy film with Ryan Bang.