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#LaLunaLastStand Scene of the Day: A dangerous game

Pinapili ni Sandrino (Richard) si Tristan (Daniel)! #LaLunaSangre

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

2/28/2018 in News
#LaLunaLastStand Scene of the Day: A dangerous game

It was a sad, sad night on February 27’s episode of “La Luna Sangre.”

Malia’s (Kathryn Bernardo) adoptive father and advisor Baristo (Joross Gamboa) died at Evil Sandrino’s (Richard Gutierrez) hand. In an effort to protect Tristan’s (Daniel Padilla) grandparents, he attacked the vampire king himself. Evil Sandrino brutally killed with a heart straight through his chest and left him for dead, taking the elderly couple with him. (Rest in peace, Baristo </3)

Evil Sandrino later called Tristan to tell him of his hostages. A video call began on a television screen and the LLU saw Lolo Gabriel (Noel Trinidad) and Lola Pina (Debraliz Valasote) unharmed but shaken in Supremo’s company. This is where our scene of the day begins! And here’s why:


  • The way Evil Sandrino offered Tristan a game - he’ll let his grandparents go if he kills Malia right in front of him (THIS ISN’T A GAME SANDRINO! These are lives we’re talking about!)

  • How Tristan refused, saying, “Hindi na ‘ko papatay para sa ‘yo!” (Stay strong, Tristan!!)

  • The menacing way Evil Sandrino drew Lola Pina closer to him (Get your hands off of her!!!)

  • How Lola Pina bravely told her grandson not to think of them and that they love him no matter what happens (HUHUHU LOLAAAAA)

  • The way Evil Sandrino pressured Tristan to choose, but he didn’t know what to do (Paano ba ‘to *cries*)

  • How he killed Lola Pina right before Tristan’s eyes for taking so long to decide (OHMYGOD :O )

  • The way Tristan screamed, “Papatayin kita! Papatayin kita!” (‘DI KO NA KAYA! Dalawa na ang namatay </3)

  • How Lolo Gabriel called Evil Sandrino a monster while cradling his wife in his arms (Anniversary pa din man nila huhuhu *cries*)

  • How Evil Sandrino gave his brother another chance, Malia’s life in exchange for Lolo Gabriel’s (TIGILAN MO NA ‘TO, SANDRINO!)

  • The way Tristan suddenly grabbed Malia by the neck (OH NO!)

  • How Malia put up a red barrier to keep Jake (Tony Labrusca), Jethro (Dino Imperial), and Lucho (Ketchup Eusebio) from interfering (WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!)

  • The way Tristan struggled to make a decision, looking back and forth between his grandfather on the screen and Malia in his hands (The struggle is real, you guys!! Ramdam na ramdam ko!!)

What will Tristan choose?

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