MayWard: Love on a high

Drop everything and enter the MayWard dream world: A special, kilig compilation from Maymay's "The Dream" concert

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

2/26/2018 in News
MayWard: Love on a high

We know that MayWard is capable of anything they set their mind into -- and they prove it every time. 

Maymay Entrata staged her first solo concert (aptly titled "The Dream") last Friday, February 23, and it is evident that Edward Barber played a huge part in makingit a dream come true. 

For MayWards who were there, we all know you've witnessed (and screamed over) the abundance of kilig from the two, and we feel you! We, too, just couldn't get over the love high that they made us experience, so we made this list to share our overflowing joy!

1. How Edward looked after Maymay

Somewhere in the middle of Maymay's performance with the sisters girl group 4th Impact and her acoustic jamming session, Edward came out of nowhere to wipe her sweat and give her water. <3

And that's just the beginning!

2. Edward's first rap performance was done with Maymay by his side

Edward and Maymay sang "I'll Find You" by Lecrae and Tori Kelly, of course with the former doing all the rap parts!

In an exclusive interview after the concert, Edward shared that he was hesitant to do the rap part but Maymay truly pushed and encouraged him to do it! 

3. MayWard as best "baliw" couple ever

"Baliw na baliw ako sa’yo, aking sinta / Oh Maymay aking prinsesa / Masasabi ko sa’yo na mahal na mahal kita."

The lyrics says it all, don't it? Did you also see how close they were? Grabe! 

4. How MayWard entranced us with their lyrical dance 

Maymay was dressed in a beautiful gown filled with flower details, looking all dreamy, while Edward was wearing a pink coat -- which gives off the perfect prince charming vibe. 

They interpreted the song "Ikaw" by Yeng Constantino, and they made us swoon over their dramatic moves. Who knew MayWard could make us feel all the feels?  

Did you spot how close they were to kissing? We think that this was the segment that elicited the most screaming from the audience!

5. Edward joins Maymay in her moment of glory

Edward was with Maymay in the last segment of her concert, and isn't that just the sweetest? Those flowers  <3

6. Backstage fun

We were able to get these two young, lovable stars together for an exclusive interview backstage after the concert, and wow their energy was still on a high!

Maymay was telling Edward that they pose like a couple with him being the girl, and so the result is this:

We fall for the cuteness of these two, every time. Having started 2018 with a concert like this, we are excited for more. Give us all the MayWard moments, please!